Sunday Funday

So far, living quite a dream of a Sunday.  Got up at a leisurely hour and made a quick trip to the store to prepare for a day of cheffing it up in the kitchen and watching some serious football.  Even with my team (the Eagles) on a bye, I still had lots of games to watch and high hopes for my fantasy team.

After watching the 1:00 games (in which most of my fantasy players were in) I headed to the kitchen for a few hours.  These were the fruits of my labor…

From left to right: Nutella white chocolate chip, pumpkin scones, peanut butter chocolate chips.

All of these are on the recipes page.

After getting the sweet stuff out of the way, I moved on to dinner, Shepherd’s Pie!  I took this recipe from the food network.  Click here for Shepherd’s Pie.

So after eating like there is no tomorrow, I will sit down to watch the final football game of the night, pray for a fantasy win and if I’m feeling really frisky get in a good stretch.  Back to the grind tomorrow in the books and on the road…less than two weeks till race day!

Until next time, run on baking friends.

One thought on “Sunday Funday

  1. Yummmmm!!!!! Wish I was there to ‘help’ you bake! And by that I mean just watch you and be your official taste tester! ❤❤❤

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