The long run…dun dun du

A long run can be the best of your week or the longest 2-3 hours of your life…apparently in my sleep I was convinced it wasn’t going to go well today because I dreamed I was already finished doing it about 6 times and woke up so happy it was done each time.  When the alarm did go off at 8:30 to head out, I was nervous for some reason…after all the trials of the week I was afraid this run was going to tell me that this race may not be in the cards…

I lugged myself out of bed, had my pre-run half bagel with butter and glass of water and got dressed.  I had already dropped a water bottle at around the half way point last night so that was taken care of.  I did a good stretch, got the ipod on and headed out the door, staring at the bottom of the bridge that would be the hardest part.

The run I had planned started going over the Cooper River Bridge, and if you aren’t familiar with it, it’s not the easiest thing to get up, but once I got to the top I knew this run was going to be the one to build me back up, not put the final break in my spirit.  I took it pretty easy at around a 9:00 minute pace over into I’on, down a trail that runs along the marsh that is beautiful, took a turn around and headed right on back.

The only hang up was around mile 3 I started to desperately need to go to the bathroom which is not usually a problem I have, but when I do, it can be a BIG problem.  I didn’t end up finding a porta-pot until mile 7.5 which was both a blessing and a curse.  Running while needing to go can be painful but the upside was that I was so focused on this that I wasn’t paying attention to the miles.  Then I was so relieved, that the effort required to keep going was so much less I was able to cruise right on home.

When I got home, there was no time to revel in being done because we had a memorial service to be at at 1:00 so I had to get right in the shower and take off, but I was able to eat pretty much everything in sight at the reception and loved every minute of it.

This 16 mile run gave me back my confidence and I am feeling better and better about the race coming up…and more importantly it means tomorrow is Sunday which will be a rest day on the legs and a big baking day (I have packages to make and its football day).  My clinical instructor, TJ Scott finished his first Iron man today so I need to get some serious junk food to him and my little brother is in his first semester of college at Humbolt State University in Northern California so a Halloween package is in order.  I’m thinking pumpkin spice scones, chocolate chip cookies and something else I haven’t quite decided on yet…all will be posted once I get them going.

One last shout out to TJ Scott on finishing his Iron man…what an amazing accomplishment!



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