Yogi day

This morning I woke feeling particularly domestic and made homemade apple cinnamon oatmeal!  It was a delicious start to my day leaving me energized to go to my one class and do LOTS of errands.
I officially got my absentee ballot information sent it (hopefully not too late) and got new sneakers!  The Foot Store in Mount Pleasant was incredibly helpful and got me set up in some Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12.  I can hardly wait to try them out tomorrow!


Since I started this marathon training plan I am on, I have religiously taken my Wednesday rest day, doing no activity.   However, in light of my decision to make this month a focus on flexibility I decided I would try some yoga.  Last night I looked up when the yoga classes were offered at my school gym and of course the only one was scheduled during my one obligation of the day.  So in lieu of that I youtube-ed a yoga for runners that I could try.  I selected this short one (click here for video) that I enjoyed and may even decide to add to my pre-run ritual.  I had intended to find something a little longer but this worked great (down and dirty, hitting every runners trouble spots).  If anyone has any online yoga program they especially like, I would love some suggestions as I get started with this!

Promise to get some baked treats in this weekend.  I usually TRY to stick pretty healthy and hearty during the week (I stress try) and on Sundays really indulge in some well deserved football food and treats.  So the good stuff is coming I promise!

Until next time, run on baking friends!